In Progress: Santorini

This project is now complete! Click here to check out the final photo.

May 29, 2018

The Turn

With the new idea in mind, I kept trying to think of ways to include the board, which is much larger than the building and character pieces, to where it will be in focus and not have to be too far from the camera — I wanted all elements in frame roughly the same size. In order to achieve this, the board would have to be considerably further away from the camera, which will mean it is blurrier than elements closer to the lens and would negate the effect I was aiming for.

Shower thoughts to the rescue! When I received Santorini from the Kickstarter campaign, also included was the Golden Fleece expansion, which included one scenario featuring a mini version of the game board — perfect scale to the buildings in the photo and a solution to my previous problem. Onward and upward!

Large and mini Santorini boards
Winter-Spring, 2018

The Idea

The original idea for the Santorini photo started out inspired by Billy’s path in the Family Circus comics. I thought about what would make the best path, since it needed to hold a rounded shape and stay in place on the game board. I researched materials and thought about process and execution.

I found some copper sheeting, which rolled out like foil, and was going to cut that into strips and pieces. Then, the week that I was to start prepping the elements for the photo, I had second thoughts about my idea. Yeah, the dotted lines would follow one of the characters as they ascended to level 3 but did that really make for an interesting photo? No, I answered. I sketched some more and thought about the visuals, then came up with another idea. Sketches and ideas for Santorini visuals