So many icons. SO. MANY. ICONS. Race for the Galaxy board game.


Race for the Galaxy, published by Rio Grande Games.

Beginning in January 2021 (after being bitten by the New Years bug to put some gas on stagnating projects) I started measuring and mathing and cutting out the pieces needed to recreate icons from Race for the Galaxy. If you’ve not played RftG, it is a card-based game where your cards can act as planets, developments, credits, or resources – how you use them is up to you. There are different stages each round and the symbols can be a bit daunting to understand at first; they were to me. I played this game incorrectly 7 times before having the a-ha! moment where the rules clicked. What I love about this game is that it has a surprising amount of depth in just 30 minutes or so of gameplay. RftG is in my top 10 all-time faves.

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