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Dice Tower Con 2018

This was my second Dice Tower Con and another great time was had.

Good vibes only. Shakka. Con. Shakka con. Everybody shakka con.

This year was different than last because I knew more gamers from my first DTC and had many on text and messenger threads letting them know if I was getting into a game or seeing what they were up to. Lots more gaming time this year and less time walking around trying to find something to play.

I posted the top photo on my Instagram account and said say, “Hi!” if you see me at DTC. So a few folks did! And I got to game with them! It’s a bit strange at first when the digital world and real world collide but I really enjoyed my time hanging out.

Games Played (*new to me)

So many great games, so little time. I love teaching games and got to teach all the games I already knew multiple times to different groups. Biggest surprise of the con for me was Vast; I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and interaction between the different characters. This is a title I would otherwise not seek out but a friend I was playing with wanted to get it on the table.

Let’s Make a Bus Route

Let’s Make a Bus Route
Fun, adorable game that reminded me of My Neighbor Totoro.

Concordia board game

Slick game with smooth turns, good choices, and fun gameplay. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Mind tabletop game

The Mind
This is my type of game — I love social interaction and am an extrovert, so it was right up my alley.

Decrypto tabletop game

Another type of game that I love — teams, words, and clues.

Bärenpark board game

Fun, quick, puzzle piece-laying game. Loved the little added illustrations on the game board.

Lisboa heavy board game

Gorgeous and full of choices. Maybe next time we can complete the full game :)

Way cool gaming terrain

Not even sure what game this is but, holy cow, the terrain was amazing.

Vast: The Crystal Caverns Vast: The Crystal Caverns

Vast: The Crystal Caverns
What a surprise! I normally don’t gravitate towards goblins, dragons, and the like but this game was fantastic. That’s to say nothing of the beautiful artwork.

Potion Explosion tabletop game

Potion Explosion
Adorable bottle stopper.

As always, the time flew by and DTC 2018 was over before I knew it. Already looking forward to next year’s con.