Forbidden Island coop tabletop board game

‘Waters Rise’

Forbidden Island, published by Gamewright Games. These unfortunate relics have sunk to Davey Jones’ locker! Even the helicopter did not make it.

Using playground sand caused the tank to be very murky upon a first filling with water. I waited a while to see if the sediment would settle but it did not. So I emptied the tank and filled it with fresh water. After noticing that the water was substantially clearer, I emptied the water one final time and filled it up slowly, resulting in a clear tank, ready to shoot.

I knew I wanted the fire relic to glow, so I bored a tunnel in the sand below it and used one of my flashes solely to illuminate that piece.

After wrapping up the photo that night, I emptied the tank and broke down my set up. It felt good to be finished but I was not 100% pleased with the result: the helicopter in the background was a bit difficult to notice, the sunken relics were not in the best position, so the following night I set up the entire scene again and got everything to a point I was happy with.

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